Wednesday, November 14, 2012

bridesmaid makeup 101

bridesmaid makeup

A few things I learned from being a bridesmaid:

1. So this is why they make waterproof makeup.
2. Always carry extra Kleenex.
3. Telling a bride she looks beautiful on her wedding day never gets old.

The morning of the wedding, the bridesmaids had the option of getting their hair and makeup done at the bride's house. I opted out of hair, but decided to treat myself to professional makeup ($50 without tip). The makeup artist was truly awesome! She used mostly MAC products (foundation, concealer, eyeliner and eyeshadow) and a few drugstore brands (mascara and lipgloss). My only prompts were: "I like a subtle cat-eye liner" and "neutral shadow, please!"

The day couldn't have been more perfect! Everyone's makeup stayed put long into the night. The bride looked absolutely incredible, and I couldn't believe how amazing it was to watch a close friend get married to her best friend.


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