Monday, September 3, 2012

the best of the best: hair accessories on etsy

1. Think hair combs are reserved for the 50-plus set? Think again. An embellished comb looks great nestled into a bun or chignon. This turquoise feather number is from FawningInLove (they sell amazing jewelry, too!).
2. A hair chain is the perfect accessory for a music festival or girls' dinner (guys just won't get this trend). La LaRocque has more than a few styles to choose from — this simple, three-strand chain is a good starter piece.
3. Clusters of crystals, stars, and pearls make this headband one of a kind. Although it's advertised as bridal jewelry on Wish Piece, the statement accessory could be worn with a striped tee and jeans.
4. These embellished bobby pins are crafted with tiny snippets of vintage map paper. The other pin is domed lucite from the 1940's, which just sounds very fancy and fabulous. Check out sherry truitt studios if you want to wear NYC — or another city — in your hair!
5. Don't forget to check out vintage shops, like RapidCityVintage, for retro hair accessories. This golden beaded bow is sweet enough for work and chic enough for a night out.
6. Put your bad hair day in check with a super stylish turban. This elastic, light-weight material is perfect for running errands or brunching. Rum Raisin is your one stop shop for the best patterns and best prices ($12.50).

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  1. This is a wonderful selection, thanks so much for including my work.