Monday, September 17, 2012

fall cravings

fall cravings

Even though the stubborn summer heat won't let up, there are signs of fall popping up everywhere. Gauzy sweaters replace sheer T-shirts, pumpkin spice lattes give the boot to iced tea concoctions, and makeup counters substitute pastel colors with jewel tones. It's the perfect time of year for so many reasons. Here are a few items that top off my fall wishlist:

1. Burberry Fresh Glow ($48): This pink-tone brightener is meant to be worn as a sheer base. For weekend purposes, it's all you need. The pearly finish gives you that glow-from-within look — and who doesn't want that?

2. theBalm Staniac ($17): That rosy, frost-bitten glow is nearly impossible to obtain in Southern California. This blood-red lip and cheek stain is the perfect way to fake it!

3. Bobbi Brown Desert Twilight Palette ($60): I'm a forever fan of Bobbi Brown eye palettes. They're always versatile, practical and totally gorgeous. This one is full of shimmery, moonlit colors and nude basics. Ideal for work and play.

4. Sisley Kohl Eyeliner ($55): ...for an eyeliner? It's called a wishlist for a reason. This eggplant color would look amazing on the waterline or above the lash line. Smudged out or drawn on thick — you can't go wrong.

5. YSL Nail Trio ($45): Rich, velvety colors are ideal for fall months. This trio is the epitome of jewel-tone perfection. If I had to pick one (to appease my budget), I would choose the tiger's eye hue on the right.

6. By Terry Sexy Plum blush ($75): If you have a moment to click away, do yourself a favor and read the well-written description for this compact: "It sculpts cheekbones with a melt-away halo." Melt-away halo? Leave it to Barneys. Now I kinda have to go test it out, right?

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