Sunday, July 1, 2012

all-american mani

Finding an outfit for Fourth of July activities can be tough. You have to craft the perfect mix of red, white and blue that's fashionable and comfortable. After all, you'll inevitably end the night watching fireworks from a blanket in the grass. Comfort is key. 

And what's more comfortable (and classic) than a pair of worn-in blue jeans, a billowy white top and a cute red accessory? To add a kick to any Fourth of July ensemble, try this patriotic manicure. It's sure to command lots of compliments!

Keep reading this post for easy step-by-step instructions. A special thanks to my friend and coworker Megan for letting me borrow her nails!

1. Start with your base colors. We did three red nails, one white nail and one blue nail on each hand.
2. The white nail will get a thick coat of metallic polish. We used a silver polish to create an opaque color. Layering the white polish underneath helps bring out the color and shine of the silver.
3. Onto the polka dots! Pour a glob of white polish onto a piece of paper. Use a pen as your dotting tool — simply dip the tip into the white polish and dot it on your nails. When I started using this technique, I practiced dotting on the paper first.
4. To get even, well-proportioned dots, start by creating three dots down the middle of your nail. Next, add two dots to both sides of the middle line. 
5. Use a good top coat to help your mani last!

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