Sunday, June 10, 2012

look good after a long flight

Red-eye travel always seems like a good idea. You fly in the middle of night, sleeping when you usually would. When you wake up, you're landing at your destination. The reality of a red eye is much different, though. It takes too long to get comfortable, your neighbor decides to keep the overhead light on throughout the night and your legs are restless. Not to mention the turbulence.

After arriving in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, after my last red eye, I hit the bathroom to freshen up. But I found I didn't have everything I wanted. I made a mental note (aka iPhone memo) on the things I wished I had. One of those things (c) would have been useful seven hours earlier — so I made a note of that, too. Here are six essentials I'll be sure to pack next time:

a. cleansing makeup wipes: After an overnight flight, you suddenly realize that you didn't get a chance to wash your face before going to bed. Gross. These wipes take off all the leftover makeup.
b. concealer: Now that the old stuff's off, start new. I like to add a touch of concealer under my eyes and on any problem areas. If I can choose one item of makeup to reapply, this is definitely it.
c. sleep aid: 'Nuff said.
d. dry shampoo: For some reason, airplane air makes my hair oily and disgusting. Save yourself an extra wash with this travel-size dry shampoo.
e. eye drops: They don't call it a red eye for nothing.
f. gum: Because no one likes bad breath.

What do you crave after a long flight? Leave a comment!

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