Monday, June 25, 2012

battle of the bronze

When it comes to sunless tanners there are dozens of options. Sprays, wipes, lotions and gels — it can all be a little overwhelming. I've been loving the ease of tanning towelettes (or wipes), so I decided to put two brands to the test. The Comodynes towelette came from my friend's Birchbox, and the L'Oreal towelette is something you can find at any drugstore. Here's how they stacked up:

L'Oreal $1.67 per towelette
Comodynes $2.25 per towelette

Scent: Both wipes claim to have a "fresh scent" rather than the typical sunless tanner smell. The Comodynes scent is  stronger and smells like a light floral perfume. The L'Oreal wipe has a light citrus-floral scent. When I first applied the products, I definitely preferred the smell of L'Oreal. However, about 20 minutes after application, the L'Oreal scent fades into that typical sunless tanner smell.

Packaging: The packaging is nearly identical for both products. The wipes are folded, and the user is instructed to gradually unfold the wipes as they're applying the product.

Staying power: Comodynes beats L'Oreal in this category, hands down. The tan was still there well after a week. My L'Oreal tan only lasted a couple of days.

Streaking: Both arms came out streak-free (woohoo!), but I've noticed subtle streaking with Comodynes in the past — especially on my legs.

The verdict: I would definitely use both of these sunless tanners again. Because I don't have time to use sunless tanner more than once every couple of weeks, I will probably repurchase the Comodynes wipes. Overall, staying power is the most important quality for me. If you're looking for a less expensive option for a night out, I would recommend using the L'Oreal wipes.

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