Wednesday, April 4, 2012

seven (beautiful) sins

1. greed: my most expensive product. One product I'll always splurge on is a good concealer. My all-time favorite is this one. At $30 for half an ounce, it's not cheap — but it will last for about six months.

2. wrath: the product I have a love-hate relationship with. This blush has been discontinued, but has a nearly identical replacement. You can use the pink pigment on lips and cheeks, but I only use as a blush. Sometimes it just feels a little too thick and finicky for everyday use.

3. gluttony: the most delicious product I own. Whenever I get the chance to duck into a Lush store, I take it. Their bath bombs are the best, most delicious products ever. My favorite is this rich Avobath bomb. Lemongrass, olive oil and avocado are the key ingredients.

4. sloth: the product that I neglect out of laziness. This Larua Mercier setting powder is a seriously wonderful product, but I don't always take (or have) the time to use it.

5. pride: the product that gives me the most confidence. This baked blush and brightener is just pretty to look at. It's even better when applied to cheeks, brow bones and eyelids.

6. lust: the product I'm lusting after. if I could go on an all-expenses-paid shopping spree at Nordstrom (yes, I think about this often) I would pick up this $1,800 face cream first. Google it to find out more — I promise you'll be lusting, too!

7. envy: the look I envy most. confession: I'm still terrified of rich red lipsticks like this one. I'm truly jealous of anyone who can pull it off.


  1. Amazing post!!! Probably one of my favorites ever. And ditto on the red lipstick. I envy all those who can pull it off with aplomb - it's a bold look for sure.