Monday, April 2, 2012

march favorites

The last month has probably been the busiest and most awesome month I've had so far in Los Angeles. It was filled with out-of-town guests, birthday celebrations and lots of love. To wrap up the perfect 31 days, I wanted to share my most-used beauty products:

1. Moroccan Oil curl control cream: this rich, oil-infused cream is a staple in my daily hair routine. After I shower and comb through my hair, I work this into my ends. It locks down frizz and keeps my curls in line. To all my straight-haired friends, I would definitely recommend this oil treatment by the same brand.

2. Lancome's plum shimmer: I've already written about this five-tone palette here, but the purple shadows deserve their own mention. I've been mixing plum shimmer and matte taupe plum together for the perfect colored smokey eye.

3. Voluspa macaron candle: when winding down after a long day, this vanilla and powdered sugar scented candle helps me relax. The beautifully printed tin is perfect for displaying around my apartment.

1 comment:

  1. Voluspa... another candle favorite. Sigh. Vanilla and powdered sugar sounds like the best scent ever!