Monday, April 16, 2012

eyeshadow to eyeliner

Black eyeliner can look so harsh for everyday wear, and buying colored eyeliners can be pricey. Enter this little trick I learned a few months ago. You can take any eyeshadow and turn it into a long-lasting eyeliner in three steps. 

1. Dip an eyeliner brush (this one came in a palette) into running water. Tap any excess water droplets off the brush. 

2. Pack the brush with the desired eyeshadow. This one is a gold-flecked brown that looks soft and pretty as eyeliner.

3. Apply the packed brush right above your lashes. You may need to repeat steps one and two a few times to get the perfect look. 

I've found that this method works really well with shimmery shadows, and not so well with matte shadows. The water turns the powder into a liquid liner consistency. And don't worry about ruining your eyeshadows — they dry up quickly. Good luck!

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