Wednesday, March 21, 2012

wishful wednesday

It kind of always feels like springtime in Los Angeles. I've come to terms with deciphering the season changes via facebook. When most of your facebook friends live in Wisconsin and Illinois, you hear a lot about snow, sun, sleet, and humidity. With 80-degree weather this past weekend, I think it's safe to say spring is officially here (but then again, snow is no stranger to March). Here are four products I wish I could have right this second:

a. bumble and bumble curl conscious masque, $26.
b. bobbi brown lipgloss, $23.
c. nars duo eyeshadow in persepolis, $34.
d. perricone md vitamin c ester eye serum, $55.

images via: sephora, nordstrom, nars, & amazon


  1. a) First of all, it always feels like spring in LA? Uh, how about last week when it was freezing cold? Hmph.
    b) What does the ester eye serum do!? What is…ester?

  2. Absolutely love the color of that Bobbi Brown lipgloss! Where can I buy it?