Wednesday, March 14, 2012

what is bb cream?

What you need to know: B.B. stands for beauty balm. It's like a tinted moisturizer packed with vitamins and minerals. The sheer coverage is lighter than a foundation and offers SPF (this one has 15). It's meant to be worn as a base under your concealer and/or powder. The Vitamin C and mineral pigments brighten skin tone and even out complexion, giving you an airbrushed look.

Garnier's cream: After testing out a few high-end B.B. creams at Sephora, I decided to try this drugstore brand first. It's about half the price of designer brands and boasts the same skin-perfecting qualities. I was impressed with the lightweight feel right away. My only complaint would have to be the color. This bottle is for light/medium skin tones, but leans closer to medium/tan in my opinion (disclaimer: I'm abnormally fair). The color did offer a light glow, which replaced my need for bronzer, but I do worry about it turning orange throughout the day. I'm going to continue using it (update soon!) and decide whether or not I should upgrade to a high-end brand.

Have you tried B.B. cream yet? Which brand? What did you think? Comment below :)


  1. You ask if I have tried bb cream before. Indeed, I have. I tried it for the first time several months ago and I've been quite pleased with the result. It is a one-shade-fits-all deal for Azn skin, but I do think I need to get one that's more specific to my skin tone. bb cream for the win. Great educational post about it btw.

  2. Thank goodness you did this post......i've been wondering what it was for some time now, but too afraid to ask and look like a twit. I think I might have to try some of this. I too am abnormally fair, ghostly, white, pale lol whatever you want to call it. Thanks for the post, you rock!!!